Active filters

2-way / 3-way/ 4-way Crossover

Price TZS145,000.00
  • Converts single audio input signal into various signals dividing into signals based on frequency rate i.e range frequency of either Low-Medium-High.
  • Improves Sound Quality and Reduce Distortion of the sound.
  • Phase reverse switch on all Outputs.
  • Model Number 234/234 XL
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2-Series Graphic EQ 215/131 DBX

Price TZS150,000.00
  • Made of filters and amplifiers that alters the relative strength of frequency by either boosting , lowering or leaving them as it is when connected to audio signals.
  • Phase reverse switch on all Outputs.
  • Model Number 215/131
  • RF filtered electronically balanced for Maximum hum reduction
  • Four segmented LED display for monitoring output levels
  • GOLD Plated connectors XLP for long-term reliability 
  • Independent front panels bypass
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